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Guitar Workshop Plus offers summer workshops with classes and seminars for all styles including rock, blues, jazz, acoustic, and classical in guitar, bass.

We’ll explore the basic principles and techniques for understanding how blues music works, including the musical freedom gained by improvising. We will focus on rhythm, open tunings, and blues music as a vehicle for strengthening all your musical skills and growing your improvisation abilities. This will be a very hands-on workshop with lots of playing, giving you the chance to apply many of the ideas that are presented.

Open to easy-intermediate and intermediate guitarists, or experienced guitarists who are new to the blues. It’s not necessary to be an “advanced” guitarist to benefit from this workshop; however, these workshops are not recommended for those who have never played guitar before. If you can keep time and change chords in time, you’ll find lots of quickly-accessible ideas which will inform and inspire your playing.

Discover ways to free yourself from conventional thinking and get more enjoyment out of what you already know!

We tune up your sense of rhythm, and focus on what makes a good groove. We’ll get it from your head to your fingers with fun and interesting hands-on work. We’ll break down all the rhythms you need for blues, swing, and virtually every other type of groove, using simple yet powerful ideas and right hand riffs.

We will work on open G and open D tunings, using classic blues licks as an entry point to understanding how this music operates so easily. Using the sounds and ideas of the great bluesmen like Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, and Skip James, we’ll work to gain a real understanding of how these tunings work. We’ll discover the simple yet profound ideas about open tunings that musicians from Mississippi to Hawaii to Africa all employ in building their repertoires.

You’ll learn the techniques of handling a bottleneck slide to get great tone, expressive sounds, and the essential classic slide licks and techniques, which make this music so compelling.

We’ll also focus on right-hand techniques, to get started with various finger-picking and thumb styles. Learn to increase your expression in music through right-hand awareness and control, and discover what makes a good groove and why.

Altogether, we’ll be assembling a solid toolbox full of ideas that can be cut and pasted to create solos, riffs, and whole compositions. We’ll apply many new rhythmic and syncopation ideas to self-accompaniment using fingerstyle, strumming, and percussive techniques.

The result will put more life and variety into the SOUND of your playing. For slide guitarists searching for new ideas, we will cover many so-called advanced (but actually easy) techniques for maximizing variety of tone and expression.

There will be lots of playing in this session, and we’ll learn how to start soloing by passing solos around the group while examining various approaches to creating solos. Very hands-on, so bring your guitar & slide, and be ready to play!

More advanced players have two options to get the most out of this series of Bob’s seminars:
• They can opt to add an extra 1½-hour session to the end of the 6-hour workshop on 8/28.
• They can also choose to come on Sunday, August 29 for a Special Advanced Players Day. This full-day seminar is open to attendees of the 8/28 session and to all advanced guitarists.