Jason Kishander

jason kishander - muzikgarageJason Kishander is a positive and motivated music teacher and Bass guitarist who`s committed to providing students with a dynamic and interesting way of learning music and its technical aspects too, he has taught at the Eternal Light School of Praise and worship ( Tamil Nadu) for the past 10 years as the Bass faculty , Also thought at the Ryan International Schools as a choir and music Teacher and Cambridge School as a Choir and music teacher and He has taught for 5 years at the Nathaniel School of music as Bass Guitar Instructor (faculty). Jason has played with various band`s and done recordings for many performing artists at different Avenues in the city, Jason plays 4, 5, 6 String Bass and Fretless Electric Bass guitars and his influences on the Bass vary from Abraham Laboriel, Stu- Hamm, John patitucii, Victor Wooten , Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorious, Tom Kennedy, Vail Johnson , Scott Devine, Victor Bailey and more Jason was part of a Jazz and Funk all Bass band called BASSically speaking a concept of only Basses.

Jason has taught over 2,000 students from music schools, music camps, music workshops and private tutoring he currently works as the Music Coordinator at Christ University for the past 4 years and nothing work related gives him better job satisfaction than serving through and doing music full time. Jason directs a 150 memeber University Choir and has performed at various avenues in the city and for the University with the University choir.


iPhone Ringtone Jam

Major Pentatonic scale can be used as fillers – Jason Kishander

Bass Solo by Jason

Christ University Choir performs TOTO`S Africa Conducted by Jason Kishander